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#RPGaDay 2018: Day 21

Question 21: Which dice mechanic appeals to you?

In an earlier post I mentioned a game called Amazing Tales which has a simple ‘each ability is based off a die’ system. When you want to do that thing, you roll the die and get 3 or more. If you succeed you describe what happens, if you fail the GM tells you want went wrong.

I enjoyed this dice mechanic so much the first time I played it that I used it as the basis for a work-in-progress game about vampires which is (now) called Decadence.

Some adjustments were made to the system as we went along–better, older vampires have access to more than one die roll to attempt an action, for example, not to mention a greater spread of dice, and there’s a mechanism called Pride that raises the target for success–but the general idea is still intact and still great.

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Write on

Things went off the rails for a while as I injured my back slightly and sitting at a computer (or indeed doing anything much at all) became something of a jaggedy pain for several weeks. Not fun.

Managed to get some stuff done amidst the ensuing doldrums.


There was no Achtung Cthulhu since the last episode I mentioned. There should be plenty more to come though, as the scenario we have embarked on is rather long and we have barely scratched the Italianate marble surface.

The game that was called Mortal is now called Decadence and there’s even character sheets. The rules continue to coalesce around the essential everything-off-one-die-roll and pride-is-key central concepts. I ran a session of the game set in a different (earlier) time period to the ‘Russia 1917’ first outing, and it featured a lot more combat, which enabled much discussion and resolution about how the nitty-gritty of vampires fighting mere humans should work.

The return to OSR gaming finally happened, with a week of character creation and background detail, and then it was off to Dolmenwood to see the sights and try and avoid getting instantly killed by something horrible.

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