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#RPGaDAY2015: Part Three, more of this

Day Six: Game most recently played?

That would have been Labyrinth Lord which I played a brief session of at Q-con 2015.

It’s another of those retro-style stripped down basic adventure experiences, attempting to capture the glory of the old school days; dungeons, monsters, fights in the dark!

Great fun.

Day Seven: Favourite free RPG?

At the moment, it’s Stars Without Number. Did I mention that was free?

Also, have to mention Puppetland by John Tynes. A fairytale world of puppets struggles against the harsh rule of the twisted dictator Punch.

Day Eight: Favourite Appearance of RPG in media

I could have gone for the D&D playing in ET. Or the AD&D episodes of COMMUNITY.

And then of course there’s MAZES & MONSTERS. So bad it’s funny.

I’ve decided to go with a religious tract though. DARK DUNGEONS by Jack T Chick publications. An exquisitely wrong-headed rant about the dangers of RPGs and how it turns all the players into actual wizards/witches/tools of Satan.

Now a motion picture:Dark Dungeons

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