#RPGaDAY2015: Part Three, more of this

Day Six: Game most recently played?

That would have been Labyrinth Lord which I played a brief session of at Q-con 2015.

It’s another of those retro-style stripped down basic adventure experiences, attempting to capture the glory of the old school days; dungeons, monsters, fights in the dark!

Great fun.

Day Seven: Favourite free RPG?

At the moment, it’s Stars Without Number. Did I mention that was free?

Also, have to mention Puppetland by John Tynes. A fairytale world of puppets struggles against the harsh rule of the twisted dictator Punch.

Day Eight: Favourite Appearance of RPG in media

I could have gone for the D&D playing in ET. Or the AD&D episodes of COMMUNITY.

And then of course there’s MAZES & MONSTERS. So bad it’s funny.

I’ve decided to go with a religious tract though. DARK DUNGEONS by Jack T Chick publications. An exquisitely wrong-headed rant about the dangers of RPGs and how it turns all the players into actual wizards/witches/tools of Satan.

Now a motion picture:Dark Dungeons

Day Nine: Favourite media I was an RPG?

Hard to know. If I see anything that should be an rpg I’d probably work something out myself with whatever system was handy. In terms of official product with shiny hand-outs, character images and oodles of background detail I’d go for all of the fifties/sixties/seventies/eighties UK television spy shows.

Everything from Danger Man to New Avengers to the Prisoner to Sandbaggers to the Enigma Files and whatever else. Anything from seedy spooks in dank flats surveilling enemy agents in Le Carre style, all the way to brash and colourful “Impossible England” type action and adventure.

As a close second, the Drowntown comic – flooded London, genetically engineered animals, sweet technology, gangsters and government and grim crime. That would also be good.

And now that I mention comics, EAST OF WEST would be great. Ultra science and eldritch forces fighting over a weird wild west landscape as the Four Horsemen try to end the world. Well, three of the horsemen anyway. Death has other ideas.

Day Ten: Favourite RPG publisher

For nostalgia reasons, TSR.

If not for them and D&D, then I probably wouldn’t have got involved in role-playing at such a young age, and who knows where I would have ended up without that?

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