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#RPGaDAY2015: Part Eight, the Last Patrol

Day Thirty-one: Favourite non-RPG thing to come out of an RPG?

I’d been working on a post-apocalyptic novel called COLD MERIDIAN when I first encountered the game Apocalypse World, and it probably influenced the general feel of the book in a great many ways.

A year or so later on, with the novel still very much a work-in-progress, I played in a session of Apocalypse World at the Q-con games convention in Belfast, and decided to choose a character book that suited one of the characters I’d been dealing with in the novel. The Cold Meridian novel character is called Jager Chanco; basically she’s a dying-Earth-future bodyguard for a creepy psychic guru as he tours various religious compounds (called religs) in the wastelands.

The Apocalypse World character was an androgynous battle-babe called Snow, and Snow’s exploits (with some tweaking here and there) became the tale of a character called Frost who appears in the story “Under the Green Witch” from the Fox Spirit Books Girl at the End of the World anthology, volume 2.

girl at the end of the world volume 2

This is the second of two epic volumes containing tales of all manner of apocalypse and the varied stories of the women and girls who have to deal with what’s left.

Full details and links here: Girl at the End of the World

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#RPGaDAY2015: Part Two, some answers

Day One: Which forthcoming RPG most looking forward to?

I’d have to say Apocalypse World Second Edition.

I loved Apocalypse World by D Vincent Baker; the design work, the bare hints at setting, the general vibe, the way it brought characters together and put them in conflict with a free-form fallen-world of desperate survivors scrabbling through the ruins.

I’m expecting great things from iteration 2.0

Day Two: Kickstarter game most pleased you backed?

I’ve not backed any. Not being totally connected to the whole gaming/blogging ‘community’ I tend to learn about these things three weeks after the kickstarter has closed. I really need to start paying more attention…

Day Three: Favourite new game of last 12 months?

In terms of ‘new to me’ games, I was planning to go with Hero Kids; clean design, clear and simple rules, excellent art and the children (ages 8 to 13) seem to enjoy it when we manage to find time to play amidst the computers and tablets and DVD-watching.

Last week though I finally encountered Stars Without Number, and despite the fact I’m just at the ‘reading the book’ stage, I’m already well on the way to being a big fan. It’s science fiction, in the far future, in a universe that’s slightly worn out and weary, but also built upon the ruins of a better past. Aside from that it’s basically D&D in space, and you can even use old monsters and scenarios with a little tweaking; dungeons become narrow-twisty corridor spacecraft, monsters are alien races, etc.

I have big plans.

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