RPGaDay2022: Day 8

Interesting question this one: Who introduced you to RPGs?

As I mentioned before, I discovered RPGs by reading advertisements, buying D&D and then just flailing around with that for a couple of years and running various trial combats and also Dungeon Module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands.

Midjourney tries for The Keep on the Borderlands. Gets close.

I met some other gamers in a local shop, or rather I asked the bloke behind the counter if they knew anyone who played D&D and they did. After four or five years of just that particular group, and some friends of friends, things expanded a little with the QUB gaming society and people heading off and starting their own little groups in various places, myself included. So, certainly so far as I remember it, RPGs just kind of happened, and then I went looking for others who played. And found my people.

the list of prompts that I keep forgetting to add

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