RPGaDay2022: Day 10 (late)

The question was: When did/will you start Gamemastering?

I was a GM within days of getting D&D, as far as I remember how it went. Things were a bit shambolic to begin with, and then there was a bit of a break where I didn’t do much GM-ing at all for various reasons. And by bit of a break I mean it was probably years, as I was just a player for a while in various groups. The second game I ran after D&D was probably the original Judge Dredd RPG, which I’ve just remembered was the next game I bought after Maelstrom.

stock image, no idea where my copy is and this seems to be a hardcover book rather than the box of stuff I bought

I’ve just remembered designing a whole Mega City One sector featuring slightly off-the-wall Judges, lots of mysterious goings-on and multiple cross-overs with other games. Odd.

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