#RPGaDAY2015: Part Four, the adventure continues

Day Eleven: Favourite RPG writer?

Greg Stafford. I’m more interested in backgrounds and world building than focusing on clever systems for play, and the GLORANTHA setting for RUNEQUEST is incredible. Stafford’s KING OF SARTAR book of mythology & lore is outstanding.

And having mentioned King of Sartar, I’ve just discovered there’s a new revised and annotated edition that I do not have :-O

Day Twelve: Favourite RPG illustration?

Tough question, this one. I liked a lot of Larry Elmore stuff from back in the day. Not to mention a whole heap of illustrations from various Palladium RPGs.

White Wolf art was always pretty strong, and there was one in some Vampire book or other of a Cop or Private Detective. Woman in a trench coat carrying a pistol. I thought that was an excellent capture of character and purpose. Can’t find it right this moment of course, but I’ll go with that one.

Day Thirteen: Favourite RPG podcast?

I’ve never listened to a podcast. I wouldn’t even know where to start in terms of finding a good one. Maybe I’ll fix that before #RPGaDAY2016.

Day Fourteen: Favourite RPG accessory?

Paper, pencils and pens.

I don’t tend to use miniatures, but I’ll now-and-then provide a map, or sketch an outline of where things are in relation to other things, and where people are standing in the scene.

And then one of the players will ask: “What size is my head to this?”

Day Fifteen: Longest campaign played?

The first AD&D character I ever played was a fighter called “Niloc the Slayer” (these were simpler times), and I was still playing that character around 15 years later.

He’d gone through some changes by that stage, burned through a lot of friends and enemies, and managed to arrange some kind of deal to become an agent of the god of Death. In short, a much changed man, haggard and haunted, roaming the hollow lands, white sword in hand, endlessly searching for a long lost vampire love called Drenzla (who bore a striking resemblance to Drelnza from Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth).

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