randoms viii: matchbox signs

What did he look like?



I don’t understand what you-


Like a French actor maybe. One of those ones from the seventies or eighties? Unshaven, rail-thin and scruffy at the edges, but cool with it in a rumpled blue suit, black lace-up shoes; like he’s been out all night and doesn’t care who knows it. His nails were clean and long. That’s all I remember. I didn’t get a good look.


What was he doing when you saw him?


Walking and watching, mostly. Step a few paces from here to there, stop, and then wait and look around, like that, you know?


And that’s all you-


I saw him reach into an inside pocket of his jacket. He took something out—a few times—put them in his mouth. You could imagine the crunch.

Okay. I think that’s all for now.


I thought one might have fallen on the ground because I saw him hesitate, look around his feet, yes? As soon as he’d moved on I went over there.


If there’s anything further, we’ll be. Wait. Why did you do that?


It was an insect. On the ground right where he’d been standing.


There are a lot of insects in the park. Even at this time of year.


I’ve not seen anything like this. It was metallic blue and silver. Sort of furred like a centipede. Or is it a caterpillar.


You think the man in the park was eating centipedes?


I said it was furry like that. Like whatever one is like that. I think caterpillar? It was shaped more like a beetle, though, is what I’m saying. A hairy beetle.


Right. As I said. If we require more information, we’ll-


I have it with me in this matchbox. Do you want to see?



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