#RPGaDay 2018: Day 19

Day 19: Music that enhances your game?

Another glib cop-out answer for this one: too many pieces of music to count, everything’s an inspiration, etc…

I’ve mentioned before that particular pieces of music have sparked whole campaigns, and I continue to listen to all kinds of stuff, so there’s still plenty of stories waiting to be born. 

As for when the games are being played:

We usually have something suitable playing in the background, just bubbling under and not getting in the way. Maybe something movie-soundtrack related, or music of whatever time period in which the game is set.

Unless there’s ominous music playing for an especially tense and quiet bit of gaming, I tend not to notice after a while anyway. Maybe I’d notice if it stopped.

One caveat to all of this is there’s a particular piece of music by Radiohead which for me always lets me know that we’re back in a long running game that our characters can never seem to escape…

Best not to think about it.

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