#RPGaDay 2018: Day 11

Question 11: Wildest character name?

In the early years of my gaming experience I played in a group where the standard procedure was to choose character names by simply casting an eye around the dining room in which we played and picking something that caught the eye.

Sometimes it would be weapons list from that day’s gaming books. I certainly remember a knight called Lucerne Bec De Corbin. Or the label of a nearby wine: Captain Cabernet D’Anjou.

There was also once a character called International Land-mine Tow-truck, but I can’t entirely remember why.

There was a band of brothers in an D&D-esque game called Mylar, Kevlar and Lexan. Names that seemed totally in keeping with the sword-and-sorcery tone, whilst being entirely out of place.

I suppose the real issue here is ‘funny names’, but as others have said, that tends to risk breaking the immersion of the game, and is best avoided I think. It’s not like there aren’t dozens of other instances for comedy in the average game, but having a distinctly funny-ha-ha character name might be a little too on the nose?

Anyway, the most interesting name in a game of recent years was a for an NPC character in theĀ Doctor Who based Seeds of Time campaign I ran. A lost princess, trapped on a dying starship as it fell into the last light of an angry star.

Her name was:

Lady Lara Sparkle De Castro Chollienne Atriplex Carvalho

Known to her friends and foes alike as Spark Cholly.

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