#RPGaDay 2018: Day 10

I’m going to go alternate again for this one and avoid “how has gaming changed you” as I find it very difficult to envisage how I might have turned out if I hadn’t started gaming when I was around about fourteen or so. I’m also not entirely sure why I would have wanted to not get involved in roleplaying games.

Instead, let’s answer this:

Question 10: What makes you want to GM?

I GM for the same reasons that I write.

I can’t stop creating stories and characters and worlds, and I have to do something with them, so I may as well turn them into novels, games, or scenarios or whatever. If I could play music and sing I’d turn a few of them into operas I expect.

GMing does have the added fun/nightmare of allowing your creations to be enjoyed* by others, stress-tested, experimented on, changed and altered in ways you weren’t expecting.

I like the fact that people are entertained by the games that I run, that they appreciate the creations that I bring to the table, just as I appreciate the character’s that they create to roam about in the environments that I have built.

Why would anyone want to do anything else?


*for some reason I initially wrote ‘ignored’ right here.

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