#RPGaDay 2018: Day 2

Question 2: What do you look for in an RPG?

I’m interested mostly in background, setting or premise. It’s cool if that’s accompanied by great design and art, but not essential; we’re all about imagination, after all.

I remain not that concerned about systems and mechanics. I’ll settle for a system that doesn’t annoy me, and if it does irk me but the premise of the game is sound, I’m perfectly happy to strip out whatever carefully judged and crafted structures the game creator has provided and just use whatever I’m comfortable with. Lately we’ve been playing a lot of OSR stuff – it’s basic, there are flaws, but it’s virtually invisible in play because everyone is so used to how that goes.

I was a player in a 4th edition Shadowrun game a while back and I find that buckets-of-dice style kind of grating so I’m especially looking for Not That. The characters and plot and action were great, the endless rolling not so much.

Roll dice as little as possible and not very many of them.

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