#RPGaDay 2018: Day 15

Another alternate question for this day, as I don’t have anything obvious or relevant (that I can remember) to provide for ‘tricky gaming situations’, I’m going to go with this:

Question 15: Most innovative game of the past 12 months?

For me, without hesitation, it’s Dialect from Thorny Games.

Dialect is a game about language, about who creates and has ownership over language, and very much about what’s left behind when all those various creators vanish from existence…

I’ve not had a chance to play it through in proper fashion yet, but since the PDF version arrived a few months back I’ve run a couple of solo attempts and have been blown away by the ability to create depth and richness and whole worlds of being just from a few set-up scenarios and some cards about character/voice and story/event.

If I can get my group, or some other group of players to take part, I can see great things developing from this game. Completely different from the normal stuff we play, but not so different for the kind of steps I take when working up backgrounds for my fiction or games

There’s probably others, lots of others, but this is the one for which supported the Kickstarter and waited patiently while the developers put together and delivered the perfect product.

I mean look at this cover for a start

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