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#RPGaDay 2018: Day 16

Question 16: Describe your plans for your next game

Tricky one, this is. I had a ‘next game’ all worked out in my head and had intended to talk about it for this question but–my slowness being what it is and external factors having an influence–I have now begun the running of that game and it is therefore my ‘current game’ rather than whatever will now be next…

I’ll fudge the answer and talk about it anyway on the basis that the session I ran the other day was envisaged as a trailer or ‘teaser’ for the main campaign. The idea was to run a couple of fresh characters through a situation that would form part of the history of the actual game when it kicked off with the full complement of players.

The game proper is called Kings of New England¬†and is run using the Lamentations of the Flame Princess rules-set. Just the basic version, I had toyed with using the newer ‘play test’ iteration of the rules but to be honest they seemed a little harsh for my purposes.

The setting is an alternative 18th century New England, in which the British failed to capture Port Royal in 1713–during the closing stages of Queen Anne’s War–and as a consequence, the French still hold on to the land they call Acadia.

The characters in the ‘teaser’ game are hunting down a man who may have fired the fatal shot that killed the British commander of the Port Royal siege. They know where he lives, at least, but actually getting their hands on him has proved a touch more awkward than expected.

The game in general, as it progresses, will involve various historical factions from the region and also a supernatural element relating to ancient magics and escaped demons. There are also going to be a lot of upstart so-called Kings and ramshackle courts of ruin.

So far it’s going well.

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